CTRG trains tailors in sewing safe masks

The tailors received brief training in sewing safe masks by SHE Manager in making those protective pieces due to the risk of infection with covid-19. The sewing pieces obeyed the highest quality standards, aiming to give them the necessary security.

Projetado e Desenvolvido por Cserve Technologies

Two hand sanitizer tanks with automatic taps allocated Matendene Market and other at Transport terminal

Two hand sanitizer tanks with automatic taps to prevent infection, capacity of 2,500L allocated to the main Matendene Market and other at Transport terminal where there is more concentration of people in the community of Ressano Garcia. CTRG also donate *1000 gloves, *10 manual pumps, *200 liters of disinfectants.

Cycles of IIM electrical technician trainees

CTRG launched a trainee programme under a Memorandum of Understanding between the Instituto Industrial de Maputo and CTRG. This traineeship at CTRG offers education and training programme in electrical technician which incorporates work experience, preparing young students for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready.

Lectures to promote students in the 10th-12th grade in vision about the future and job opportunities based on the field of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

CSR initiatives refurnish Secondary School 4 de Outubro in Ressano Garcia: 3 equipped laboratories, 1 guardhouse, General painting and 100 school desks.

Completed computers room at Escola Secundaria 04 de Octubro Ressano

Water installation and supply at Ressano Primary school Chamculo

  • The CSR initiative provide a good interaction with children on showcases with talents and gifts
  • CTRG promote good relationship with Ressano (Administrative Vila sede) communities were engage all Primary school from Localidade Chamculo (Chiparango, Incomati, Chanculo, Mubobo, Movene and Mulambo)

Christmas Hampers at Ressano Garcia

Offered over 215 humpers of non-perishable food to vulnerable local communities